We will organize a two-day Training Program for journalists and bloggers specializing in the fields of nutrition, food and health.
In the communication in health and nutrition conference that will take two days, we organized a program to be benefited by both expert journalists and blog writers in nutrition, food and health fields and professional of health and medicine faculties.
In the program, basic information regarding nutrition will be given and the methods those have been accepted scientifically about the principles of communication in health, will be shared. The program will provide theoretical briefing for the participant regarding the relation between nutrition and a healthy life, as well as point of views in many specific different fields regarding nutrition and communication in health.
In the conference, there will be expert academicians as speakers from national and international universities those are leaders ones in nutrition and food sciences.


The interest about nutrition and the subjects related with nutrition, are gradually increasing in the whole world. Consumers obtain information about food, nutrition and health subjects generally from various medias such as televisions, radios, gazettes, internet and social media. Another source that is often applied about nutrition is all health professional, mainly medical doctors. However, information that is obtained from all these sources, mostly conflicts with each other and it can be confusing about many subjects related with nutrition and health for individuals. This information pollution can cause results negatively affecting public health.

Medical doctors can provide basic diet recommendations for their patients and can direct nutrition experts; however, many studies have demonstrated that medical doctors have lack of education required for recent developments. In a research that has been published by Lancet magazine recently, has analyzed data obtained from various studies examining nutrition knowledge levels, nutrition consultancy skills, perceptions in nutrition education and nutrition curriculums of medicine faculty students and recent graduated medical doctors in the whole world. The results of this study has demonstrated that nutrition subject takes very few place in medicine faculty curriculums, there is no experts providing education in this fields, many medical doctors’ education is insufficient and they do not feel themselves competent about this matter.

Another subject directly affecting public health and important about communication in health and nutrition in health community, is problems encountered by health professionals about effective and ethical use of mass communication tools. In today’s communication channels, more importance is paid to distribution speed of information and easiness to absorb by people and credibility of source can be ignored.

It is notified that many individuals obtain information about nutrition and health from areas such as televisions, radios and social media where they watch and follow health professionals. While these medias provide important opportunities for communication in health and nutrition, they also bring important risks when they are misused. For this reason, many occupational unions establish publications and guides for correct use of social media in health area. It is also highly important to support all health professionals and blog writers and journalists who are expert in health area, with education about communication, digital literacy and ethics.


We believe that scientific communication will solve this problem when current researches express problems and difficulties about this subject better and most importantly its benefits for the society. We aim to attract attention on importance on scientific communication with this education program. We think that information pollution negatively affecting public health, can be prevented and scientific information can be transferred more correct and understandable to the society when importance of correct communication of scientific information in nutrition and health area, is embraced also by journalist as well as health professionals.

With this conference we aim to provide contribution to improve public health by transferring basic information about communication of scientific information and nutrition science to journalists and blog writers who are experts in health, as well as medicine faculty students and health professionals. The conference can provide the skills required for interpreting consumer researches related with nutrition and provide a better understanding about concepts and language specific for nutrition science, for communication experts.


• The aims of this program are as follows;

• Creating awareness about basic principles of nutrition,

• Creating skill of correct and conscious transferring of information based on evidence and scientific literature about nutrition,

• Providing information about how communication professional of nutrition think when they establish relation with media and what they feel,

• Expressing key role and responsibility of journalist in spreading information and news about nutrition problems,

• Expressing key role and responsibility of health professionals in spreading information and news about nutrition problems,

• Creating awareness for correct and ethic use of mass communication tools.


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